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About The Project

IJKINI is a token based on the blockchain system and blockchain media.ijkini's name was born from an idea that revealed the progress of blockchain technology in the present.ijkini was born to those who want blockchain to become a more powerful system in the media, such as media for payment and purchase via blockchain, like other online media, but ijkini will make token-based exchanges, no longer ordinary currencies.we will continue to develop and make proposals for collaboration with several companies to make partners in the development of IJKINI tokens in the future.
IJKINI Want to make an understanding for everyone about how the blockchain system works. About how blockchain dominates the global market. We put the idea into a token named IJKINI. What we believe is that we will make it easier for others to understand the blockchain system for the future. We also send questions such as community, business, etc.

Token Information

Token name : Ijkini Token
Symbol : IJKINI
Decimal : 8
Platform : waves
Total suply : 89.999.950.000
Assed ID : 5koso3ZScTDRAfyxD6GcXFhoo6fmZ5uL59quVDeAEXX
Ijkini token price
1 ijkini is 0.02 waves or 0.022$


Based on blockchain, we are inspired by the sophistication of system designed in such a way. Then come the brilliant ideas from some businessmen to issue a token named IJKINI.
We will continue to improve the quality of token by utilizing blockchain technology sophistication. So that we can give understanding to blockchain users how the blockchain system working.
We are not born as people who understand technology system. But we continue to strive to motivate ourselves, so that we can created developments in the system self.


the vision of ijkini is to develop blockchain into the media of buying and selling goods with existing tokens or coins.so that the benefits of tokens and coins become real like money in general.and among our visions also is to eliminate the notion that blockchain cannot be traded in real terms and with real goods.ijkini will make it all real.ijkini will continue to develop and overcome the problems that blockchain users often complain about.


SOLUTION Ijkini comes with a base as blockchain media.media that we design as an exchange that provides coin-based or token-based exchanges.the points of ijkini as a solution are as follows
1. designate the goods exchange system using blockchain media
2. designing a site and application that will be the place for the exchange
3. ijkini will try hard to work together with other media and companies to become partners in business
4. use blockchain technology to become a benefit for blockchain users in general.
5. We will use many types of tokens as a medium of exchange.so that it can make it easier for users to not be hesitant in using the token and make the token become a benefit in real life


PROBLEM Some blockchain users want coins or tokens not only limited to market exchanges.however, most of them want to make c oins or tokens into a medium of exchange with goods or other necessities such as exchanging goods with money in general.the point of the problem is
1. people who want their tokens can be exchanged for goods or services such as exchanges in general
2. product limitations that involve buying or paying using blockchain.
3. difficulties in finding exchange media that can be used as a medium for exchanging tokens with real items.

Meet The Team

Our process on creating awesome projects.

3 Years Experience Bussines Trainer


4 Years Experience Market Trader & Ico Analyst


3 Years Experience SEO, Adsense & Content Creator


3 Years Experience Senior Airdrop Hunter



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Our tokens will continue to be multiplied by market exchanges such as on market exchanges SOUTHEXCHANGE or QUANTA and other market exchanges.
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Pre - Sale ICO

Round 1

  • Price 1 Waves 100.000 IJKINI
    For 5 Billion IJKINI

Round 2

  • Price 1 Waves 75.000 IJKINI
    For 5 Billion IJKINI

Round 3

  • Price 1 Waves 50.000 IJKINI
    For 5 Billion IJKINI

Token Sale Distribution Information

Distribution of Our Offer IJKINI tokens offer in August 2018
in distribution occurs in December 2018 We currently provide one of the IJKINI
tokens in Wavesplatform DEX The token name is IJKINI and Asset ID :

IJKINI Token Sale

SoftCap : 100.000 Waves

HardCap : 170.000 Waves